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Projects with personality and soul


As special as every client’s soul and needs I adapt the requirements of each project to the clients’ personalities. As the world changes frequently and we are always on the move – I want to create home spaces where you calm down and relax. Your home in Mallorca will bring you cosiness and be an oasis to recharge batteries. And your interior design will play a big role in this. Just like a modern nomad you should feel home in London, Berlin or Mallorca. I created two interior design signatures: the “Natural Tribe” and the “Contemporary Tribe” – both include elements of Tribal Chic and Bohemian elegance. The natural line is based on earthy colours and simplicity. The contemporary one works with bolder colours and patterns and sophisticated unique soul pieces. But be sure I create a signature just for you.

Natural Tribe

The essence of life. Designs for the essential soul. Earthy colours and natural fabrics and materials such as linen, hemp, bamboo silk and cotton, stone and wood. This interior design will bring you harmony and balance. Like the ancient tribes in Central America and Africa always knew –  life is easy if you keep it simple. For your comfort I work with high quality international providers and also add artisanal pieces from Mallorca. I also work with Moroccan craft men producing their handmade products in Baleares. Energywise I will adjust Feng Shui knowledge for the positioning of the furniture and colours.

Contemporary Tribe

The art of life. Bold colours and contrasts with a bohemian luxury touch. The basics will still be charming tranquil pieces but like the old French philosophers and writers in the Parisian cafes of the 1920ies you feel more like your home should be a piece of art? Do you like silk velvets, mouth blown glass lamps and modern wallpapers? You could imagine a wall in your bathroom that looks like a jungle oasis or covered in mother of pearl or even fosil wall tiles from the Mallorquin sea?

These are just a few ideas for the bold tribe members of you. We will see what we create specially for you. Your personality is the key.

Fabrics and Materials

Did you know that fabrics and patterns can change the entire appearance of your home?

When you fall into your Bed after your adventurous day and you simply see your light linen curtains swinging into the terrasse door due to the Mediterranean breeze, you know you are home. I am very dedicated to the touch of fabrics. It’s the mix of matching materials which makes the difference between a plain home or an eclectic balanced look.

You will be surprised how glass and wood or velvet and linen can be harmonically paired.

The Source -Sustainability

I mostly work with European furniture providers and fabric producers to avoid unnecessary long distance transports.

If I order items from abroad I make sure it’s a fair trade product and the workers are treated well. As soul pieces are a part of my design you will probably have some antiques here and there gently mixed into your modern home. I browse the local markets for you and also have a network of antique dealers in Turin, Madrid, Paris and Mallorca. There are also Spanish companies offering Bio cotton and Bio linen for bedding  so you will save the planet while sleeping.